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Visa processing involves several detailed steps, and getting a large group of workers who are coming to temporarily work in the U.S. through these steps can be challenging. Each group member must:


  1. Complete the DS-160 online. This form asks for detailed biographic, work and travel history,

  2. Complete an online registration with the US embassy,

  3. Schedule an appointment,

  4. Pay visa fees within the home country,

  5. Have the correct paperwork for the interview,

  6. Know how to answer the questions s/he will be asked at the consular interview

We at Global Talent are able to assist with all of these steps.


We also have decades of experience communicating with the State Department to make the consular interviews go as smoothly as possible.


If you have questions about bringing a crew to shoot in the US, please call us at 310-730-5655 or click here for a free consultation. 

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