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The EB-2 category for individuals of exceptional ability can be a great option for avoiding the PERM process for employees who may not meet the standards for an EB-1 petition but still have notable achievements.


In Group II of Schedule A the Department of Labor exempts certain individuals in the sciences, arts, and performing arts from requiring a Labor Certification.  "Science or art" means any field of knowledge and/or skill with respect to which colleges and universities commonly offer specialized courses leading to a degree in the knowledge and/or skill.

An applicant for an EB-2 Advanced Degree/Exceptional Ability An applicant for permanent residence under EB-2 Schedule A Group 2 must have:

  • A US job offer and sponsor/petitioner, and

  • Widespread acclaim and international recognition accorded the individual by recognized experts in the beneficiary’s field; and

  • Documentation showing the individual’s work in the field during the past year did, and the individual's intended work in the United States will, require exceptional ability; and

  • Proof that the applicant meets at least 2 of the following 7 criteria:

  • Receipt of internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence their field;

  • Evidence of membership in associations in individual’s field which require outstanding achievements of their members;

  • Copies of publications from professional publications relating to the individual and their work;

  • Evidence of the individual’s participation as a judge of the work of others in the same field;

  • Evidence of the individual’s original contributions of major significance to their field;

  • Evidence or authorship of published scientific or scholarly articles in international professional journals or professional journals with an international circulation; and

  • Evidence of display of the individual’s work in artistic exhibitions and showcases in more than one country.


A Labor Certification must be submitted directly to USCIS with the Exceptional Ability Petition.


If you would like to find out if you may qualify for an Exceptional Ability Green Card, please call us at 310-730-5655 or click here to schedule a free consultation. 

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