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PERM Employer Sponsored

Green Cards


A qualified US employer may petition the US government to immigrate a future employee. The offer of employment must be for a full-time position. The employer is required to test the U.S. labor market by advertising the position in specific locations for specific amounts of time and considering any qualified US workers who apply for the position. The US employer will have to offer to pay the foreign worker the same wage that a US citizen would earn for the same position. This process normally takes 12-18 months, and the foreign worker is only eligible to begin working for the company once the process is complete (unless the foreign worker has another type of temporary visa that allows her to work for the employer while the green card case is pending.)

The PERM green card process has 3 parts:

1) Testing the US labor market with the US Department of Labor. During this phase of the process, the job title and wage are determined and approved by the US Dept of Labor. The job is advertised and qualified candidates are considered;

2) Filing a petition on behalf of the foreign worker – in this phase, the employer demonstrates to the government that the test of the labor market was completed, and demonstrates the foreign national’s qualification for the position offered.

3) Application for adjustment of status or immigrant visa processing through a consulate. In the final stage of the PERM green card process, USCIS or the US Dept of State interviews the applicant and screens for “inadmissibility” based on criminal history or history of immigration violations, and confirms that the foreign national plans to work in the position offered.

Global Talent guides both the employer and the employee through all of the steps required for a successful PERM green card application.

Please call us or click here to schedule a free consultation to discuss green employer-sponsored green card options.

Please call us at 310-730-5655 or click here for a free consultation to discuss green employer-sponsored green card options.

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