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The E-3 Visa is unique to Australian applicants looking to work in a ‘specialty occupation’ in the U.S.  This visa is intended for those who possess a particular base of knowledge that they will apply or use to theorize in ways that will fill a qualifying position in the U.S.  Proving this dually requires evidence of qualifications – including a bachelor’s degree or higher – and proof that an employer in the U.S. has legitimately offered employment.  While E-3 Visa status only lasts two years, it can be extended by two years continually, with limited exceptions; E-3 Visa holders may also extend E-3 classification to their spouse and unmarried children younger than 21.  Spouses, but not children, of E-3 visa holders can also receive unrestricted work authorization.


The E-3 visa requires a Labor Condition Application (LCA) – though it cannot be the same used in a prior H-1B Visa application, if any – documents demonstrating the applicant has met the necessary educational and/or professional qualifications determined by their position, such as a bachelor’s degree; a letter that establishes an applicant’s job offer, as well as their higher than standard pay rate from their scheduled employer; and evidence that the applicant has acquired the requisite license, permit, or other official permission, as necessary.

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