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Maria Espinoza

Office Manager

Maria Martinez has been working in the field of immigration law for 10 years, making her familiar with nearly every aspect of the immigration process. Maria has extensive experience in preparing family and employment-based immigration cases, as well as providing a full range of administrative support to immigration law firms.

As one of the firm’s first employees, she has had her hands in almost all of its operations, and has even developed key processes utilized in its day-to-day. From scheduling initial consultations and submitting applications, to informing clients of their approval, Maria possesses a broad knowledge of our services that could only be attained through years of hands-on experience. With a professional career spent exclusively at immigration law firms, Maria now brings her unique capabilities to the firm’s Office Manager position, overseeing its administrative operations and procedures.

Outside of the office, Maria enjoys home improvement projects and spending time with her husband and two children.

+1 (310) 730-5655

Maria Espinoza
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