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Non-Immigrant (Temporary) Visa Applicants


Non-Immigrant Visa Processing

For many temporary visa applicants, obtaining employment authorization is a 2-step process:


First, USCIS approves a petition filed by a US employer or designated agent within the United States.


Then, the applicant must visit a US embassy to have a visa issued.


Prior to visiting a US embassy, several steps must occur, including completion and submission of online Form DS-160, as well as registration in the appointment scheduling system, and scheduling the appointment.


Wait times for appointments can be several weeks or months, and interfere with your work or important travel plans. In this situation, it may be possible to request that an appointment be moved forward, or “expedited.”


Global Talent is happy to assist with these steps.


If your case has been “stuck” in administrative processing at a US embassy, we can inquire into the reason for the delay, and recommend next steps.

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