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Our Clients Speak: Success Stories at Global Talent Immigration Law Group

"Liz and her team at Global Talent are brilliant. From the moment I had my first consultation with Liz I knew she was the right person to be taking on my case. The communication between myself and her team was excellent. I constantly received brilliant advice and no question or concern I had along the way was too small. I felt supported and understood. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat."

-Emma F. 

Creative Director and Fashion Designer


"The entire crew of Global Talent worked very hard for my case. They were always on time with everything and always available for any need. Highly recommended!!!"

-Daria S.




“James & Liz were honest, specific and realistic and delivered me my approval much faster than expected, couldn't be happier!”

Yesica Glikman

“Thank you very much at all the team from Global Talent Group ! Liz Profumo is the best attorney in all Los Angeles area, she has a deep knowledge for give you the best way to take in your case and personal situation, she has the best team , they are always for you , you feel all the time supporting for the great team at your back ! Definitely I recommend 100 percent her work ! I am very happy for the beginning of this relationship , I obtained my O1 Visa for Artist Talent , I am very proud for all the team work ! Thank you again for this huge step in my life ! I can not wait for next steps together !"

Aine O Neill

"I first heard about Global talent from Irish colleagues in the media circle that had used their services. I was told by various people that "if you want the best chance at a visa and don't want to be ripped off, go to Global Talent." I was literally handheld throughout every step and having experienced a family bereavement in the middle of it all, I thought I would no longer be able to go for the visa in the time I had. GT was so sympathetic and understanding about this and allowed me to take time out and then regroup a few months later. I also visited LA for a short stint in September and although the office was closed for Labour Day weekend, Liz kindly took time to meet with me and spent hours going through my case. Not to mention James constantly responding to my emails at all hours to answer my queries. It was genuinely a positive experience that if the outcome had not been so good I would still have such a glowing word for all staff members of Global Talent Client Services. I can't wait to start my new career and new life in LA. Thank you to Liz, James and the team for making my dreams a reality. See you stateside :) xxx"

Hedras Ramos Sr.

“Getting my O1 renewal application approved it's God's answer to my prayers, I'm very grateful! I'm deeply thankful to Liz Profumo for her amazing work and expertise. Liz's experience, professionalism and the hard work and support of her amazing team crafted and presented my case in a way that was approved with no RFE, this is amazingly great! Very special thanks to Tiffany Gomez, Erika Martinez and the whole team led by Liz at Global Talent Law, who with their dedication and perseverance made it possible. The real meaning of an approved case goes beyond the scope of simply winning a case, it means having an impact so profound that can change the life of someone and his/her entirely family for ever! They open the doors for us! God bless Global Talent law! Thank you!”

Cassie Shao

“It has been such a pleasant experience working with Global Talent Immigration Law Group. They helped me understand the situation thoroughly and guided me through the O-1 application process in the least stressful way. They were both enthusiastic and professional. The communications have been smooth ever since the initial consultation, all of my concerns were addressed in a timely matter and I feel like they really put their best effort into helping me achieve my goal. I couldn't thank them enough for their service and cannot recommend them enough."

Kate Lister

"I'm very happy with Global Talent. After moving from another law firm with my 01 application Liz and Tiffany made me feel extremely confident and I was well informed at every step. Communication was fantastic and that was the biggest thing for me during the application process."

Saaransh Jain

“Global Talent has built an intelligent and hardworking team that not only, diligently understands the case but also, works with great communication throughout the process. O1 and EB1 cases are the most difficult cases that needs a highly unique skills, high quality paper work and thorough understanding of the candidate‚Äôs technical background. Global talent has done a marvellous job with my case. The communication has been really smooth, which was the most important part for me. I highly recommend them for O1 and EB1 cases.”

At Global Talent Immigration Law Group, we are profoundly grateful for the trust and confidence our clients place in us. Our journey has been enriched by the diverse stories of those we have had the privilege to assist. On this page, we proudly showcase the testimonials of individuals whose dreams we've helped turn into reality.

Heartfelt Gratitude from Our Esteemed Clients

Every successful case, every family reunited, and every career that blossoms in the United States adds to our firm’s story of commitment and passion. These testimonials are not just reviews; they are the real-life experiences of people who have navigated the complexities of immigration with our guidance. From artists bringing their unique talents to America, to professionals seeking new opportunities, our clients' stories stand as testaments to our dedicated service and legal expertise.

A Tapestry of Success: Our Clients' Journeys

As we read through these words of appreciation and success, we feel a deep sense of gratitude. Each review paints a vivid picture of hope, resilience, and ambition. They remind us why we do what we do – to empower individuals and families to achieve their American dream. These stories are not just about legal victories; they are about personal triumphs and the joy of new beginnings.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our clients who have shared their journeys with us. Your trust fuels our commitment to excellence and inspires us to continue making a difference in the lives of those seeking a new life in the United States.

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